Aerial Yoga
Class Descriptions

Monday @ 7pm // Power

Let’s bring some heat to your aerial yoga practice! In an intense 45 minutes, we will wake up the mind, fire up the core, and strengthen the major muscle groups!

*Moderate to Intense

Monday @ 8pm // Restorative

In this 45 minute restorative class, we will float, stretch, and decompress! Additional props may be used like, a pillow, a strap, and a blanket.


Let’s fly!

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$88 monthly
as low as $11 per class

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“Kaye is so much more than a teacher to me. When I first met her, I was excited to try Aerial Yoga for the first time, but was still a little uneasy as for years previous, my body had been in almost constant pain from having a labour intensive job, and zero exercise regimen. Kaye’s personality shines through her teaching, she makes you feel taken care of, but always pushed to try something you’ve never done before! Personally, I feel like Kaye took me under her wing, which is such a beautiful thing, I love that we now teach at the same Aerial Studio where we first met together, and that we did Ashtanga teacher trainings at the same school in India. And now being a teacher, she really inspires me to reach out to my own students, in the hopes that I can touch someones life like how Kaye has touched mine!

Kate Rowlands, Anchored Yoga

“Kaye is the most inspirational person. I want to start by commenting on her completely positive attitude and mood. Her approach to life is both constructive and encouraging as she always tries to make the best of a situation. I asked Kaye to train me with specific goals in mind. She checks-in with me before class and tailors the class towards what she believes I need that day. She is always right! She is genuinely interested in my progress and celebrates each accomplishment or each step that takes me closer to a goal. Kaye knows when to push me harder and when to redirect. This intuitive nature makes each class seamless as she can seem to read what I need based on my body language. Kaye is also extremely reliable and consistently on-time. Her dependability is very important to me since my time is precious, having two young kids at home. I have complete gratitude and appreciation for Kaye and how she has influenced my healthier lifestyle (both body and mind).”

Caryn Walt